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Steelcase Shop Gift Card

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Finding the right gift isn’t always easy - we have the perfect solution for you!

Give your friends, family, or colleagues the gift of a beautiful and comfortable home office with a Steelcase Shop gift card.

This gift card is valid for any product on the Steelcase Shop.

When buying a gift card, please do so in a separate order, as having gift cards and products together in an order is not available for now.



The card is not nominative and can therefore be transferred.
You can purchase a maximum of 5 gift cards per basket.
The gift card will only be sent to you by email.
The gift card will be valid for a limited period of 2 years from the date of purchase. After this period, the gift card can no longer be used to make purchases.
You can check the remaining balance of a gift card by accessing the gift card link and hovering over the code or by entering the code listed on the cart.
To use a gift card, please enter the gift card’s unique code number that you received by email in the location indicated at the payment stage.
The gift card can be used on all products available on the Website, even promoted products.
You will be able to combine several gift cards together to make a purchase.
If the order total is more than the balance on your gift card, the remaining sum must be paid for by another accepted payment method or another gift card.
If the order total is less than the balance on your gift card, that amount will remain available on your gift card. You will be able to use it for another purchase.
If you decide to return a product originally purchased with a gift card, the initial amount of your gift card will be refunded to your original gift card, and you will be able to use again the gift card code to make a new purchase.
Gift cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash or credit, unless required by law. Gift cards cannot be reloaded or used for payment outside of
You cannot use a gift card to purchase other gift cards.
You have the right to cancel your gift card order within 14 working days of receipt provided that you have not used the gift card.
Website gift card terms and conditions
Website gift card terms and conditions
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Steelcase Shop Gift Card
€50 including VAT