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At Steelcase, we create products that are good for people and good for the world.
Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change,
reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.

Climate change

Steelcase is committed to lowering greenhouse gases emitted in the creation of our products.

We’ve established an internal carbon core team, including an executive oversight committee, to drive and monitor progress toward the goals associated with our climate commitment.​

We engage key suppliers to set their own science-based targets.

Learn more about our climate change actions

Circular economy + Product end of use

Steelcase is committed to improving product sustainability, transparency and optimization from design and material selection through end of use to promote circularity and reduce waste.

Steelcase offers one of the strongest extended warranties in the industry and designs, manufactures, and sells products that are built to last.

Learn more about our circular economy actions

Sustainable product design

The Steelcase Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

  • Source materials responsibly
  • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
  • Ensure material health
  • Enable end-of-use strategies
Learn more about our sustainable product design

Consumer health + Wellbeing

Steelcase strives to lead the industry in consumer health and safety performance. We build trust through transparency in material health and chemistry and by certifying products to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Steelcase products are designed and tested with safety in mind, ensuring compliance with applicable codes and industry standards as well as internal performance requirements. Products are tested internally, by consultants and by independent third-party evaluators.

Learn more about our consumer health actions

Impact Story: Producing renewable energy on site

The Rosenheim, Germany facility is our first manufacturing plant with on-site renewable energy production.

The 30 kW solar power plant generates 28,500 kWh per year, resulting in savings of 15 t CO2e emissions annually, supporting our efforts to mitigate clime change, while reducing energy costs amounting to a five-digit sum.

Impact Story: Paper packaging

The Solo Work from Home desk is packaged using only cardboard and paper, avoiding plastic entirely and incorporating a high content of recycled material.

Customized cardboard packaging protects the product efficiently, regardless of the selected shipping options.

ESG Overview

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Impact Report 

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