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About Steelcase

Who We Are

For the past century, Steelcase has led the office furniture industry with insight-led design and services that unlock human promise. We believe that space matters, and that creating inspiring, people-centered workplaces boosts productivity and engagement.

And because protecting the environment is in our DNA, we drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through our decisions and actions. At Steelcase, we don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best — for people and for the planet. All of our products carry our limited lifetime warranty and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Whether you're shopping for desks or task chairs, we'll help you create the space that's right for you, so that you can Love How You Work.

It started with a fire. In 1912 we saw a problem: Wooden buildings, lots of paper, people smoking. Fire was just a spark away. So we designed a metal waste basket ,that wouldn’t burn. It may seem like a simple idea now, but that’s what innovation looks like: Solving a problem by doing things in new ways. Over 4000+ patents later, we have learned a lot. And it made us who we are today:

We’re makers: We make things that solve problems. All over the world. Using innovative materials and world-class manufacturing. Everything from architecture to furniture to technology. And we partner with world’s best brands to give our customers easy access to more choices.

We’re hackers: Constantly researching, experimenting and exploring the boundaries of what’s possible. We test ideas on ourselves so, we are sure they’ll work before they get to you.

We’re listeners: Design Thinking is our DNA. We observe how people work to discover their unmet and emerging needs.

We’re Learners: Our relationship with thought leaders, think-tanks and universities and customers challange us and make ideas better.

We’re Global: with 45 locations in 17 countries. Together with our experienced distribution network, we’re committed to helping you, wherever you are with whatever you need.

A lot has changed since 1912. But one thing stayed the same: We put “you” in the center of everything we do. Becuase you should Love how you work!